Periodontal Disease

As a leading dental malpractice attorney, Dane Levy has seen a wide variety of dental-related malpractice matters, from infections to oral cancer. A failure to diagnose periodontal disease is just one of the many types of dental malpractice suits handled by this law firm. When looking for an experienced dental malpractice attorney in California, look no further than the Levy Law Firm.

Selected excerpts of reported cases, decisions and settlements. The following factual scenarios and dental malpractice case summaries have been reported in various publications or handled by this law firm.

Case: Defendant dentist failed to address plaintiff’s periodontal disease while rendering orthodontic treatment. A severe periodontal condition was discovered four years after the braces were first placed. Nearly all of plaintiff’s teeth were lost and necessitated placement of implants and long-span bridges. Confidential Settlement.

Case: Orthodontist negligently continued to apply pressure through the braces after periodontal disease on plaintiff become apparent. Plaintiff lost several teeth and will remain at risk for further tooth loss. Settlement after two day cross-examination of orthodontist. Confidential Settlement.

Case: Plaintiff suffered the loss of 5 teeth due to periodontal disease and had a bad prognosis for several other teeth. Defendant dentist failed to diagnose, treat, or refer plaintiff to a periodontist. Defendant had made additions to plaintiff’s records to reflect his referral to a periodontist. Settlement: $300,000.00

Case: Multiyear “supervised neglect” results in the fostering of periodontitis and the loss of undermining bone support. Plaintiff has to have all upper teeth extracted and the placement of implants. Four lower teeth were also extracted. Defendant alleged that plaintiff was uncooperative and a longtime smoker. Settlement: $290,000.00