As a highly respected dental malpractice attorney in California, Dane Levy and his staff have handled many cases and claims. Our dental malpractice cases, whether it is from dental infections, negligent fillings, or implants, receive our attention.

Selected excerpts of reported cases, decisions and settlements. The following factual scenarios and dental malpractice case summaries have been reported in various publications or handled by this law firm.

Case: Failure to administer antibiotics prior to cleaning results in infection and death. Routine cleaning was performed by defendant two months after plaintiff had an abdominal aortic aneurysm graft performed. Defendant failed to prescribe prophylactic antibiotics before the cleaning in accordance with the American Heart Association’s protocol. Plaintiff developed an infection at the graft site and died several months later. Settlement: $300,000.00

Case: Defendant dentist removed infected gum tissue from plaintiff’s mouth. Approximately 3 weeks later, plaintiff began to experience flu-like symptoms. A month later, plaintiff was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed sub-acute bacterial endocarditis. Plaintiff developed heart valve vegetation resulting in a heart murmur. Jury Verdict: $700,000.00

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