TESTIMONIAL #6 : C.O. , ON JANUARY 16, 2010.

“Finding an honest attorney can be a challenging task. Especially after putting your trust into a doctor whom has caused you harm.”“After much research online I found the best type of attorney to represent a dental malpractice case should not only have a law degree but also a dental education as well. They have much more knowledge as to the harm that’s been caused and have a better know-how to
accurately argue your case. Dane was actually the only dental
malpractice attorney I found with a law degree and who had also attended dental school.This was the main reason why I chose Dane Levy. But, not only was his educational background impressive, his actual experience gave me complete faith in him. He’s been involved in huge cases.My whole experience with Dane was very positive. He’s an honest attorney and he was completely upfront with me from the very beginning. Any questions or concerns I had he always took the time to explain. He also has a special quality that I find many attorneys lack and that’s integrity.My case was a very unusual one. He was always realistic as to the possible outcomes and never gave me false promises.My experience with Dane was positive throughout the whole process. And with that being said, I would highly recommend Dane to anyone who’s been injured by a dentist or orthodontist and is seeking legal help. Trust is a hard thing to find these days and I honestly found I could trust him. Especially after all I’ve been put through, and that’s saying something.”