“Great Honest Attorney!”
“My lingual nerve was severed during a wisdom tooth extraction. The dentist who severed it did not seem to take it seriously and did not refer me to an oral surgeon. I needed help and decided to search for an attorney who could refer me to a good oral surgeon. I found Dane’s website and gave him a call. I spoke with his legal assistant who was very nice and Dane called me back within ten minutes. He got me in touch with a great oral surgeon that did an amazing surgery to reconnect my severed nerve. Although my tongue will never be 100% back to normal, it is better than it was before the surgery. Dane filed a lawsuit on my behalf and was realistic about the possible outcome. He did not overpromise or exaggerate. He was very honest and expected me to be very honest also. In fact, I don’t think Dane would take a client who was being dishonest. I believe this gives him respect in the industry and allows him to settle cases quickly. My case settled less than five months after the lawsuit was filed. Dane gave me his cell phone number and kept me posted on everything that was going on with the case. He was very professional and very knowledgeable about the law and the dental profession.”