“Overall, Dane Levy is an excellent lawyer. He is very knowledgable in dental malpractice. After weeks of having both of my wisdom teeth extracted, the left side of my tongue remained numb. I was worried and concerned that something might have gone wrong from the extraction. I started doing some research and found that what happened to me was a result of dental malpractice. The oral surgeon had accidentally cut my lingual nerve which caused my tongue to tingle, remain numbed, and have burning sensation. So I did some more research and found that there was only a limited of specialized lawyers in the US that could help me with my conditions and getting compensated for what happened to me. Dane’s name came up first so I contacted Dane and he directed me to see a lingual nerve specialist who informed me that my nerves were cut during the wisdom tooth extraction. I was sad to learn that I will have a permanent loss of 80% of sensation on the left side of my tongue, permanent numbness, and no taste even after oral repair surgery to the nerve. Once everything was in motion Dane pretty much took care of all the legal aspects of the case. I didn’t do much except went to my appointments and made sure I did my part. The process took about a good year and a half and I was surprised that everything went smoothly. In addition, during the course of the case I went through numerous crisis and Dane was understanding and very supportive. Although I have a permanent loss on various sensations to the left side of my tongue, I’m very pleased with the outcome of the case and hope my review is helpful to other future clients.”