“I actually found Mr. Dane Levy’s website while searching on Google.com about dental malpractice in 2009. Although I didn’t know if I would have a claim or not, I decided to contact him via email. I got a response from him within an hour. I told him my condition, which I explained happened after having had my wisdom teeth removed. He asked that I meet with him in person to go over all of the details. He was not only compassionate to my plight, but was knowledgeable about my condition. Finally I had a name with what was wrong with me, Lingual Nerve Damage. I found he had a great knowledge in Dental Medicine, but was friendly and personable, which is very important to me. He told me right off the bat that if I wanted to work with him, then he works for me, and I could reach out to him at any time, for any little question. I did have many little questions over the next year and a half. Never did I feel like any of my questions were dumb or silly, and he helped me prepare for the long road ahead. I never had a problem reaching him either, whether he answered my call or email directly, or I reached his assistant, my questions were always answered in a very timely manner. It’s been a pleasure working with him, I highly recommend giving him a call if you need help in his field. I myself will be recommending him to any I meet who might need his services.”