“Dane and his team are incredibly accommodating, attentive, and kind. I never felt neglected or unworthy of Dane’s time. He is one hell of a lawyer and very knowlegable about dentistry. I’m on television for a living and had a horrible nerve injury. I could’ve gone after lost wages, but I didn’t want that cloud over my career. Dane was thoughtful and genuine when I told him I wouldn’t pursue that for fear of losing a job in the future. Dane also knew this meant a lower payout in the end, but I NEVER felt intimidated or uneasy about the decision at hand. He helped me learn the legal process. He FOUGHT for me. I truly felt I had an advocate in Dane and his legal team. He understood my pain and injury. Having gone through law school and attended dental school, there’s not a person I would trust more with my injury or lawsuit. I would 5/5 recommend Dane to a family member, friend, or whomever wants to pursue legal action for a personal injury.”