Dentist Negligence Injury

If you or someone you know has been injured by a dentist’s negligence or error during a procedure, you may be pleased to learn that there are lawyers who specialize in handling dental malpractice cases. If a severed nerve has left you with a numb lip or tongue, or if you have received another significant injury during treatment, it might just be time to speak with a malpractice lawyer like Dane Levy about filing a lawsuit. An attorneys dental malpractice case experience should be extensive enough that it includes suits of a similar nature to yours. Levy Law Firm has handled a variety of dental malpractice suits; if you have suffered a dental implant injury or complication from wisdom tooth extraction, please contact us. And if you have been putting off your regular checkups due to fear of the dentist, schedule a visit today!

Sample Past Case: The dentist removed infected gum tissue from plaintiff’s mouth. About three weeks later, plaintiff began to experience flu-like symptoms. A month later, plaintiff was rushed to the emergency room where doctors diagnosed sub-acute bacterial endocarditis. As a result the plaintiff developed heart valve vegetation resulting in a heart murmur. Jury Awarded:$700,000.00